Did you know …?

What began with organic farming over 50 years ago is now practiced in all areas of the company: careful interaction with the environment and natural resources, respectful cooperation with one another, and the highest quality. These are all requirements with which HiPP has grown and for which the name HiPP stands.

Bees, our busy helpers – irreplaceable in our lives

The honeybee is an essential pillar of our ecosystem. More than 80% of native flowering plants depend on pollination. Without this cross-pollination, many plants would be unable to produce fruit and seeds ...

Sustainable packaging at HiPP

HiPP stands for sustainable action. With the milk formula comfort pack, the company is making another important contribution to climate protection. This is why in most of the milk formula packs, there is only one inner pouch …

What does biodiversity actually mean?

Bio-diversity describes the variety of life on our planet. This is why it is also known as biological variety and represents all the many different varieties of living organisms, plants and animals, as well as the ecological systems to which they belong. 

Did you know that HiPP protects jungles from deforestation?

HiPP wants to protect natural resources and therefore uses environmentally-friendly office and advertising materials. In the company, paper, writing materials, printed matter and packaging are almost exclusively of recycling quality.