Did you know that HiPP protects jungles from deforestation?

HiPP wants to protect natural resources and therefore uses environmentally-friendly office and advertising materials. Paper, writing materials, printed matter, and packaging are almost all exclusively recycled. The Blue Angel can be found everywhere: we increased the amount of office paper with this globally recognized and prestigious environmental sign in 2014.

How is this all put into practice?

Each HiPP employee receives sustainability training upon entering the company, and then, every year afterwards. The protection of resources is firmly anchored in the sustainability guidelines. The necessary measures for reaching the targets are then implemented in the specialist departments, such as the purchasing of office supplies. One page of recycled paper saves approx. 12g wood and 200ml water in comparison to manufacturing it from virgin fiber. This is why, for example, HiPP asks employees to avoid making copies as much as possible. If copies are absolutely necessary, then recycled paper should be used. Each e-mail contains an attachment with the following sentence: “Please protect our environment. Only print this e-mail if absolutely necessary.”