Sustainable packaging at HiPP

HiPP stands for sustainable action. With the milk formula comfort pack, the company is making another important contribution to environmental and climate protection. This is why there is only one inner pouch in most of the formula packs.

This way, we have lowered the CO2 emissions in comparison with the previous pack with two inner pouches. At the same time, handling has been made easier with the practical scraping edge and hinged lid.

* less CO2 emission than previous pack with two inner pouches

For the sake of product safety and the protection of the environment, only vegetable oil-based printing inks are used on the eco-comfort pack. The use of this harmless mineral oil-free ink means HiPP offers both the highest safety possible for the product and for your baby’s health. The cardboard used is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. This certification stands for the sustainable management of the forests and the responsible handling of nature for the good of our generation and generations to come. Of course, all packaging components can be separated for disposal.