Breast Milk Research Group

After birth, the foundation for a healthy life is laid. Diet plays a decisive role in this. Mother's milk is the best food for baby's development and its unique composition provides optimal protection against allergies and diseases.

In order to provide the best nutrition for the little ones who are not breastfed, HiPP has developed infant formulas of the highest quality, which are based on the latest scientific research results and which are based on nature.

The HiPP Breast Milk Research Group has been analyzing the composition of breast milk and the positive effects on the health of the baby for years. International experts in the field of infant nutrition work directly with HiPP's specialists implementing the latest findings in breast milk research and the possibilities of integrating it into the development of their products.

Recently, this research group took the combination of dietary fiber cultures (Prebiotics) and natural lactic acid (Probiotics) , found in breast milk, to develop infant formulas that provide healthy development for babies.

Two clinical studies, which were presented to an international audience of experts in 2010 and early 2011, successfully demonstrated the benefits of these infant formulas to children who were not breastfed.

Today HiPP is proud to introduce a new generation of milk formulas, which give mothers the ability to quietly feed their babies essential nutrients such as dietary fibre (GOS*), natural lactic acid cultures and important omega-3 fatty acids.

* Galactooligosaccharides - lactose derivatives