Pregnancy Calendar

“My first weeks with mom – an unforgettable experience.”

Congratulations, you are pregnant!

As early as the second month of pregnancy the baby’s  head with primordia for eyes and ears is beginning to develop. The heart also forms and immediately starts beating. Towards the end of the 8th week your baby is 1cm in size and weighs about 3g.

This is what your baby thinks

“I can tell you; at the moment I am working at a pace that even I find uncanny.

Every day something new grows. At the end of the month I will be a tiny little baby that is, to some extent, already perfectly equipped with everything that is typical for a human.  Alright, of course, I still have to work on the proportions.

I get the impression, for you it’s a bit slower. You are tired today, aren’t you? And you can feel sick from time to time. It is best for you to rest wherever and whenever possible.  You will see, in one or two months you will be in top form and in control of your moods again.”

What you cannot feel yet

Your baby is already moving its feet. The palate and lungs are developed by now. Teeth, nails and sex organs are starting to develop. At the end of the 12th week, the unborn child is about 7.5cm long and weighs about 14g. Now the first big medical check-up is due at which you can discuss important questions about the pregnancy with your physician.

This is what your baby thinks

“Yippee! If you could watch me, you would surely be proud of me.

I can already do a lot of stunts. I kick with my legs (of course you cannot feel this yet), frown and already start twitching my lips. After all, my sucking reflex must be developed perfectly when I come out.

And how is your fitness? If you are still exercising, great! But don’t overdo it! Don’t forget, there are two of us. If you get out of breath or have palpitations, then I feel the same. If you are not sure, what and how much of it you can do, it is better to ask the doctor. But in spite of everything, the better you prepare your body for it, the easier you can carry me.”

First reflexes

Your baby can now suck his thumb and reach for the umbilical cord. It can distinguish between bitter and sweet substances in the amniotic fluid. When the light is directed at the abdomen, the baby protects its eyes. It is about 15 cm high and almost fully developed. You may already be able to feel its movements.

During these weeks your gynaecologist may already be able to determine your baby's sex.

What your baby thinks

""You see, I'm getting more and more sensitive.

The other day, for example, when you stood in front of the lamp to show daddy how your belly is getting round, I thought, now I'm being interrogated. Total light, right in my eyes! I turned around very quickly. You adults are weird sometimes...

What you do with your tummy every day is a delight! This gentle pinching massage... I know you do it less for me than to prevent stretch marks but it doesn't matter, as long as you stroke me."

Music in your stomach

Your baby already reacts to music and can clearly distinguish sounds. By the end of the fifth month you would have a chance to survive as a preemie outside the womb. And this despite the fact that your baby is only 20 cm tall at week 20 and weighs only about 240 g.

Some women notice so-called exercise contractions during these weeks. This should not worry you: These are not labor pains; your body is just preparing for the eventual birth.

What your baby thinks


I'm telling you, this hiccup's got me all over the place. But it's not that bad, Mom, and I imagine it will happen more and more often.

Other than the hiccups, I'm having fun right now in here. Especially since I'm hearing better and better! Sometimes I can tell your voice from everyone else's when they're all talking at once. You always sound better than everyone else!"

Rapid growth

In this world, the baby has been given a new lease on life. His eyes open and close, and the atmosphere begins. Stress and Unruhe is now at its best. The baby is now also the right height. The arms are in the grip of the brust and the beast are in the grip of the beast.

Our tip: In order to be able to reach your goal, you must be able to go back to your hometown. The second time you will be asked to do so.

What your baby thinks

"Oh please, Mom!

It's admirable if you want to show your boss that he can still count on you. But what about me? And then, there's the unnecessary stress with your partner... I found it as exhausting as you! In the future, please don't stress us out like that anymore because now I realize all your feelings. Or didn't you realize how angry I was hitting your abdominal wall to get you to calm down again?

My work is pretty hard this month, too. I have to grow up a lot, and this only works if I get some rest. If something bothers you again, let it go and think about what's important, that is, just you and me. Then we'll both feel a lot better."

He already weighed a whole kilo

At 25 weeks your baby already weighs 1000g and is approximately 32cm tall. He moves rhythmically to the rhythm of the music and reacts to blows and massages of the abdominal wall. If he is too confident or wants to communicate, he kicks violently against his stomach. You will soon be able to interpret these signals. If you want to, now would be the time to sign up for a childbirth preparation course.

What your baby thinks

"What a problem you're having with getting my room ready!

Of course I like the cheerful atmosphere - but I can already tell you one thing: When I get out, I want to be with you! And as close as possible. So you'd better find something mobile for me. For example, a bassinet that can be very close to your bed.

You've probably noticed how I react to everything that happens outside. Please keep the good music going and caress me a lot! After all, only your abdominal wall separates us. And not for long."

¡A little human!

If your baby were born now, it could survive relatively easily outside the womb. The skin already has a heat-regulating function. When it rolls up, it's now about 38 cm long. It weighs between 2 and 2.5 kg.

Around the 29th week of pregnancy, pregnant women increasingly suffer from shortness of breath. Frequent breaks to rest and maintain a comfortable pace are now inevitable..

What your baby thinks

"This is going to be tight, I assure you mom.

My once cozy house now looks like a closet to me. I can't even stretch! I don't understand what's so funny: "Look at his knee...", and "Wow, that could be the foot", I can always hear you from the outside. Not that I can't take a joke, but unfortunately I don't have room to laugh.

Whatever you decide: To be honest, I don't care if I was born in a pool, on a swing or at home. The main thing is that you feel good and I slide right down the birth canal. Then you'll finally be able to take me in your arms."

Growing up and waiting

Even your baby's fingernails and toenails are already fully developed. He's ready to meet the world. Towards the end of the month, he turns and lies down with his head in his pelvic cavity. It is not long before the birth. It's time to think about it:

  • Who would you like to have at your side when you're born?
  • Does the hospital allow the baby to stay in the mother's room?
  • Will she be supported in breastfeeding if it doesn't work right away?

Maternity leave begins at week 35 of pregnancy. Working mothers have the opportunity to stay away from their workplace six weeks before the estimated date of birth.

What your baby thinks

"Is it true that you'll take me hanging in a scarf when I go out? Oh, Mommy, I love the idea!  

That way I can see a lot of the world and still be as close to you as I am now. Don't let them talk you out of it! It's much better if I don't have to yell for you all the time. And it's also good for my hip joints when I'm sitting on my scarf. Yes, Mom, that's how we do it: we stay together as long as possible!

As you can see, I think more about what happens outside than inside. I get travel fever. Even the doctor noticed. I want to see you both now."

In your home position!

Your baby is now lying down with its head down in the "birth position". He is now less active, as he can hardly move due to lack of space. Their body length is about 52 cm, and their weight is about 3.5 kg. It stops growing in the last two weeks before birth.

What your baby thinks

"Somehow the other day, I felt the need to turn around.

Just like that. And now I'm upside down and I can't turn around. "Good if it stays like that," I heard your doctor say. Is this position normal outside? Do you also move your feet in the air all day? That can be funny when I go for a walk with you!

Otherwise, I'm completely ready for the journey ahead, I'm counting the days. Of course it will be a great job for us. But don't worry. It doesn't take much more than a day. Dad said so too, didn't he? The best thing to remember is that with each contraction comes the big moment when you can hold me in your arms for the first time. You'll see, it's all very easy if you accept it. And your doctor and the doctors at the clinic are still there... Be brave! A wonderful adventure awaits us"