Bottle & storage

How hot must the water be to dissolve the milk powder?

Do not mix boiling water with powdered milk or you could damage the vitamins, natural lactic acid cultures, prebiotics and probiotics. Use boiled water that has a temperature of approximately 40°C - 50°C. This will help to better dilute the HiPP milk formula. To obtain the desired temperature of 40°C - 50°C, place a measuring cup with freshly boiled water into cold water for a few minutes.

How do I determine the right temperature for the milk formula?

You can check the temperature of the milk by adding a few drops of formula on the wrist of your hand or with a thermometer and marking it at about 37°C. The temperature of the milk should feel warm, never hot.

Can I prepare milk formula in the microwave?

The formula should not be heated in the microwave. The formula must be prepared according to the instructions on the package where the correct drinking temperature is mentioned.

Can I store the prepared formula?

No, the prepared milk formulas must be finished in each ration for hygiene reasons. If your baby doesn't finish the portion, don't save the leftovers for later. Prepare your baby a new ration each time.


The contents of open formula packs should be used within the first 3 weeks. The aluminium bag guarantees optimal freshness and aroma protection. The formula should be stored in a cool place (at room temperature), dry and away from substances or foods with a strong aroma. Prolonged storage and excessive or fluctuating temperatures should be avoided.

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