Bottles and nipples should be washed thoroughly after each feeding to kill germs and bacteria:

  1. Clean the bottle and accessories with a brush after feeding.
  2. Rinse the nipple, rub with salt and rinse.
  3. Boil the rubber nipple from time to time (this is not necessary with silicone nipples).
  4. Store with a clean towel/kitchen cloth or sealed container until next use. Also regularly check the condition of the nipples. Rubber nipples can become porous. Bites or scratches on silicone nipples are a sign of damage. For security reasons, change them immediately. Do not sterilize the (plastic) measuring spoons for powdered milk and do not wash them in the dishwasher either. Generally, the spoon does not need to be cleaned.

If necessary, wash the spoon by hand and dry it well. Do not use damaged spoons.

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