Specialized Formulas

When should you use HiPP AR specialized formula?

Many babies suffer from reflux after eating. This is completely normal and you don't need to worry, as long as your baby is happy and growing up healthy.

However, if your baby is still having reflux and you are concerned, contact your pediatrician. He will be able to prescribe an infant formula for special nutritional needs like HiPP AR to your little one.

HiPP AR infant formula for infants with special nutritional needs contains locust bean gum. This natural ingredient makes the formula thicker and creamier for better digestion in the stomach, reducing reflux into the esophagus.

Special formulas should only be administered under medical supervision.

Which children should drink HiPP Comfort specialized formula?

Babies' intestines are very sensitive in the first months of life. Therefore, it is not uncommon for stomach/intestinal discomfort such as gas, cramping or constipation to occur. We know from experience that caring for your baby, such as massaging their stomach and burping them, helps to deal with digestive disorders. Most of these indigestions disappear on their own. In case of constipation, you must be careful to use the correct dosage of formula.

If your baby has frequent indigestion and is crying excessively, consider using a specialized formula to alleviate the problem. The special composition of HiPP Comfort regulates the digestion, releasing the evacuations and fighting gases and constipation.

Your pediatrician will mention whether HiPP Comfort Infant Formula is right for your baby. Remember that specialized formulas should only be administered under medical supervision.

Are specialized HiPP formulas suitable for allergy-prone children?

The specialized HiPP Comfort formula is suitable for preventing the risk of allergies due to its hydrolysed protein components.

The specialized HiPP AR formula works differently. It contains an intact protein, so it should not be given during the first 6 months of life to babies at risk for allergies. This is because allergy-prone babies should, according to official recommendations, only be fed breast milk and/or hydrolysed protein (= divided). Talk to your pediatrician about the situation and the best solution.

Can I combine the specialized HiPP formulas with HiPP infant formulas?


Before feeding your baby HiPP specialized and infant formulas, consult your pediatrician. Note that the relief of symptoms such as swelling, constipation or salivation is caused by the specific composition of the formula. For example, a baby who has reflux can often be assisted with a thick, creamy formula, such as HiPP AR, which reduces reflux in the esophagus. But keep in mind that, if you use a normal formula for the next ration, this effect will not be successful.

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