Bottle feeds – How to make them tasty!

During the first months, babies that cannot be breastfed or are partially breastfed need to receive essential nutrients through a infant formula. The combination of an adequate diet, love and care will be crucial for the healthy development of your little one.

Feeding your baby a bottle does not mean you give him less attention and love. On the contrary, it strengthens the bond between baby and mother by holding him in your arms while enjoying eye contact with each other. The same thing happens when you breastfeed. You can be sure that it does not only fills his tummy with essential nutrients, but also makes him happy.

The optimal preparation

When preparing infant formula, follow the packaging instructions carefully. To ensure proper digestion and nutrient supply , it is important that you comply with the indicated amounts of powder and water mentioned on the packaging label. It's also essential that you maintain certain hygiene rules to take care of your baby's immune system: Wash and dry your hands as well as the measuring scoop and all bottle parts. Prepare the bottle just before feeding your little one and not in advance. Always boil the water you will use to mix the formula. In case you don´t have acces to boiled water, you can use purified water at room temperature.

With the right temperature it tastes better

When feeding your baby from a bottle, check that the temperature does not exceed 37° C (body temperature). You can do this by applying a few drops to your wrist or use a thermometer. The milk should not feel hot, but rather warm. The amount your baby will drink depends on his appetite and time of day. Let your baby drink until he or she is full. If there is any left over formula, do not give it to your baby. Please throw it away and use a new bottle for the next feeding.

Clean bottles, healthy children

Rinse and wash all parts of the bottle, including the nipple, after each feeding. Nipples should be boiled occasionally (this is not necessary with silicone nipples). Use only the exact scoop provided in the package to measure the powder. It does not need to be washed or sterilized. After use, only use a kitchen towel to clean the measuring scoop and be sure to keep it clean and dry.