Species and ecosystems need our protection

In addition to climate change, protecting biodiversity is one of the biggest challenges, and the global loss is alarming: 60% of ecosystems are considered damaged and 20% of mammal species are endangered. In the past six years, one species has gone extinct per month. Due to the disappearance of the habitat, the species and their genes, together with nature, are in decline and the foundations of human life are in danger.

Ehrensberger Hof: a model farm for biodiversity

Putting to the test an economic business model and beneficial to biodiversity for our producers.


Recycled paper use

The constant use of recycled paper preserves the forest biodiversity.


Climate and water protection

Maintaining and feeding species-appropriate farm animals are central components of organic farming.

Biodiversity on good company

HiPP is member of the initiative “Biodiversity in Good Company”.


HiPP campaigns

HiPP is committed to biodiversity and against genetic engineering.