What helps against heartburn?

When you experience heartburn, gastric acid rises from your stomach into the esophagus, causing a burning or sharp sensation in your chest. This phenomenon may occur during pregnancy, but it disappears completely again afterwards.

We have some useful tips for you if you suffer from heartburn. Make sure not to irritate your already irritated stomach further. Alcohol and nicotine are on the banned-list in any case! Five to six small meals during the day are ideal, the last one should be taken early. Every woman must find out herself which food or drinks cause heartburn most, so that they can be avoided. These might be sweet, hot or high-fat meals, for example. Coffee frequently causes heartburn as well.

Foods which have a soothing effect on the stomach might be helpful, for example yoghurt, milk, boiled spinach, carrots and potatoes. A good home remedy for heartburn is to sleep with your chest slightly raised, so that the gastric acid cannot flow back into the esophagus.