Checklist for your holiday

For your baby’s nutrition

  • Milk formula, instant cereals
  • Baby food in jars or pots: vegetables, menus, fruit & cereals
  • Diluted juices, juices and tea
  • Maybe baby water
  • Baby biscuit
  • Baby bottle, teat, pacifier, bottle cleaning brush, baby food warmer 
  • Baby plate, cutlery and bib
  • If applicable: adapter for sockets

For baby care

  • Baby bath and shampoo
  • Baby cream
  • Diaper changing equipment and diapers
  • Hair brush
  • Nail scissors
  • Hand towels/wash cloths
  • Sun protection


  • Leggings or rompers
  • Pijamas/baby sleeping bag
  • Bodysuits
  • Terry cloth pants, beach shorts, underpants
  • Stockings, tights, shoes
  • Jumpers, (rain) jacket
  • Light cotton T-shirts
  • Cap and sun hat

Also useful

  • Cuddly blanket or soft toy
  • Baby’s favorite toys, picture book, beach toys
  • Armbands
  • Bed sheets or travel cot
  • Buggy, carry cot or baby carrier
  • Pushchair