Why is growing-up formula so important for toddlers?

Growing-up formula has been created to suit small children’s needs perfectly.

Milk and dairy products are very important elements in your child’s diet because, among other things, they ensure that children get enough calcium for strong bone growth and healthy teeth.

Growing-up formula also contains further components for growth apart from calcium that toddlers at this important phase of growing and learning need and often don’t get enough of. According to the German Nutrition Society Report from 2008, small children between 1 and 3 years old are getting too much protein, not enough polyunsaturated fatty acids (Omega-3), not enough iron, iodine, folic acid or vitamin D. Growing-up formula contains these elements in the necessary quantities.

It is recommended that toddlers receive 300-330 ml of milk and dairy products daily – ideally served in 2 – 3 portions throughout the day. Also, children suffering from lactose intolerance should stick to an age-appropriate supply with components that support their process of growth. HiPP Growing-up Milk lactose free is suitable here – it is strictly reduced in lactose (lactose content is <0.1g per 100 ml, thus it may even be tolerated in cases of severe lactose intolerance./p>