Proteins – low protein

Protein can be found in almost all foods and is an important part of our diet. It is important to ensure sufficient protein intake. However, too much protein too early in life can have a negative effect on later health. New scientific findings indicate that high protein intake in childhood may increase the risk of later overweight and obesity. Experts recommend the use of reduced-protein infant formulas that are closer to breast milk, and for young children, reduced-protein follow-on formulas appropriate for children.

HiPP has implemented these current recommendations and now offers HiPP COMBIOTIC® baby formulas with a reduced protein content. The safety, tolerance and good satiety effect of the new formulas have been demonstrated in a clinical study.

HiPP COMBIOTIC® formulas contain a reduced level of protein that meets the recommendations of nutrition experts. Its low value has been made possible by the use of whey protein alpha-lactalbumin, which has a particularly high nutritional value.